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EOLRP Project - RAAF Amberley

dates: august 2018 - september 2019

location: amberley, queensland

client: st hilliers construction

budget: $6,800,000

works: concrete form, reinforcement + pour


project overview

The Australian Defence Force are enhancing defence capabilities with the construction of new explosive ordnance storage facilities. The $210M reform program upgrades existing storage capacity across the explosive supply chain network and RAAF Amberley is just one of the sites.

Mitcon Projects were contracted to complete the full FRP package (including concrete supply and install) of approximately 5400m3 which includes 2x ECB’s, 8x buildings + associated columns/walls and suspended slabs, over 180m of 5m high retaining wall & footing + various retaining walls over 3.5m and all civil pavements for the complex.

scope of works

Mitcon Projects delivered the full FRP package (including material supply) across a range of structures, including heavily reinforced explosive ordnance bunkers.

key outcomes

Construction of the EOLRP presented unique challenges as works were being carried adjacent to existing, operational Bunkers with live ammunition/explosives stored inside.  As a result of this, numerous restrictions were put in place regarding refuelling of machinery, the use of mobile phones and hot works.  Through careful planning Mitcon Projects were able to accommodate these restricted parameters while still delivering this complex package of works.

Sourcing labour and subcontractors locally is a priority for Mitcon Projects and this project was no different.  Close to 99% of the project labour was sourced from the local area – a great outcome for both the project and our communities.


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